Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday, September 15: Wedding in Plymouth!!!

Thursday, September 15, I flew out to Plymouth for my brother's wedding!!!  After picking me up at the airport, we had a very nice lunch at an unassuming Thai restaurant in Dearborn (because the Groupon was about to expire: it turns out that that was not, in fact, the same reason the wedding date had been chosen), and then we stopped for cider and donuts (and wine tasting!) in Northville. We looked briefly at bikes, then returned home to freshen up before meeting Ryan at Roger Monks.  We ordered portobello fries, and sat near the window so that we could see Teacup Wedding move the rope at 6:00 on the dot to allow us to park.  Turns out they don't move the rope: the rope is meant to discourage you from bringing more guests than you actually need.  The wedding was lovely, although not quite as short as mine.  I used my very best handwriting to sign as a witness on the marriage certificate.

I really am grateful to Andrew and Kara for inviting me to be their witness, letting me stay with them (on their wedding night, no less), and touristing me around southeast Michigan, and I'm so happy that Kara's in our family.

Friday (September 16) I flew home super early to Baltimore, and we went to the Corner Bistro & Wine Bar for dinner.  Very cute; we'll have to go there again.


Ellen said...

Congratulations to Andrew! Sounds like a great weekend.

I've never been to another wedding as short as yours, so you guys are still winning in my book.

TheVegetarianArchitect said...

Portobello fries sound like they could be amazing! Do you have a good photo (or description) of them? Were they kind of like a tempura version? I'd love to try to recreate them on my blog :)

Elizabeth said...

No, I don't have a photo.

They were thick slices of portobello, breaded and deep-fried, and came with a chevre dip. They were very tasty, but not very fry-like: they reminded me more of fried eggplant than of french fries.