Wednesday, August 01, 2012

word of the day: cochleate

The word of the day is cochleate:

Etymology:  < Latin coc(h)leāt-us screw-formed, spiral, < coc(h)lea.
Formed like a spiral shell; twisted, spiral. (OED)

"It has been shown previously that calcium induces massive aggregation of sonicated phosphatidylserine vesicles, release of vesicle contents, and formation of large cochleate structures."

 - Wilschut et al., "Studies on the Mechanism of Membrane Fusion: Kinetics of Calcium Ion Induced Fusion of Phsophatidylserine Vesicles Followed by a New Assay for Mixing of Aqueous Vesicle Contents", Biochemistry 19:6011 (1980)

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