Thursday, August 02, 2012

word of the day: coacervate

The word of the day is coecervate:

Etymology:  Backformation < coacervation n.
An aggregate forming viscous drops in a colloidal solution.  
1929   De Jong & Kruyt in Proc. Konink. Akad. van Wetenschappen te Amsterdam XXXII. 853   The coacervate is a drop or a layer, in which the particles have flocked together as bees in a swarm. (OED)

"At concentrations slightly above the critical micelle concentration a phase separation occurs by formation of a coacervate (in the erminology of Bungenberg de Jon: a unicomplexcoacervate)."

 - Tausk et al., "Physical chemical studies of short-chain lecithin homologues.  I.  Influence of the chain length of the fatty acid ester and of electrolytes on the critical micelle concentration", Biophysical Chemistry 1:175 (1973)

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