Thursday, August 16, 2012

word of the day: chawl

The word of the day is chawl:

< Marathi chāl a row of rooms let for lodgings, < Sanskrit shālā house, hall.
An Indian lodging-house. (OED)

"You've been to the Nadalands a couple of times before; shit, your family came up out of those spaces.  Squatter chawls where there are no roads, no lights, no running water, no grid, no anything, where everybody's slapdash house is on top of everybody else's, where it's all mud and shanties and motos and grind and thin, smiling motherfuckers everywhere, like falling of the rim of civilization."

 - Junot Díaz, "The Cheater's Guide to Love", New Yorker 23 July 2012

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