Saturday, September 05, 2015

Word of the day: temporize

The word of the day is temporize:

  1. to be indecisive or evasive to gain time or delay acting.
  2. to comply with the time or occasion; yield temporarily or ostensibly to prevailing opinion or circumstances.
  3. to treat or parley so as to gain time (usually followed by with ).
  4. to come to terms (usually followed by with ).
  5. to effect a compromise (usually followed by between ).
1555 (implied in temporizer), from M.Fr. temporiser "to pass one's time, wait one's time" (14c.), from M.L. temporizare "pass time," perhaps via V.L. *temporare "to delay," from L. tempus (gen. temporis) "time." (

"Along the way he learned from an astute agent in the capital of the continuing efforts of old Porfiristas, Felicistas, Huertistas, and ex-federals to insinuate themselves into the revolutionary ranks.  'Today we still have to temporize with these types,' the agent reported three different intriguers saying, 'but soon it'll be another thing.  Ángeles, who is ours, has Villa in his hand.  As for Zapata, who is a savage, it'll be necessary to eliminate him...'"

 - John Womack, Zapata and the Mexican Revolution

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