Friday, September 11, 2015

Word of the day: irredentist

The word of the day is irredentist:
  1. usually initial capital letter amember of an Italian association thatbecame prominent in 1878,advocating the redemption, or theincorporation into Italy, of certainneighboring regions (Italia irredenta)having primarily Italian population.
  2. member of party in any countryadvocating the acquisition of someregion included in another country byreason of cultural, historical, ethnic,racial, or other ties.
1882, member of It. political party which (after 1878) demanded the annexation of neighboring It.-speaking regions (Trieste, S. Tyrol, Nice, Corsica, etc.), from It. Irredentista, from (Italia) irredenta "unredeemed (Italy)." (

"To 'irredentist Morelenses, to those who perdure in the unhealthy labor of irreducibles,' he made a special call to stop 'their rebel attitude' and cooperate in 'the reconstructive work.'...

"Garbled, obscure, repetitive, and contradictory, Tajonar's manifesto proved a reliable guide to his administration."

 - John Womack, Zapata and the Mexican Revolution

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