Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Word of the day: boodle

The word of the day is boodle:

  1. the lot, pack, or crowd
  2. a large quantity of something, especially money
  3. a bribe or other illicit payment, especially to or from a politician; graft.
  4. stolen goods; loot; booty; swag.

"All this was the spoils of war, and as González managed it in the next few months, it all disappeared—to reappear in markets in Mexico City.  Along the way González and most of his staff and subordinates came into the money.  For them the Morelos campaign was a great chance for patriotic boodle, the most irresistible kind.  In cashing in their power, they deprived the Zapatista 'bandits' of precious resources."

 - John Womack, Zapata and the Mexican Revolution

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