Thursday, May 05, 2016

Word of the day: rum

The word of the day is rum:


adjective Chiefly British.

  1. odd, strange, or queer: a rum fellow.
  2. problematic; difficult.
"excellent," 1567, from rome "fine" (1567), said to be from Romany rom "male, husband" (see Romany). A very common 16c. cant word, by 1774 it had come to mean "odd, strange, bad, spurious," perhaps because it had been so often used approvingly by rogues in ref. to one another. This was the main sense after c.1800.


"As he said to his wife over the dining table a few hours later, that half-clean swath of window was one of the rummest things he'd ever seen."

 - Laurie R. King, The Murder of Mary Russell

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