Friday, May 13, 2016

Word of the day: fescue

The word of the day is fescue:
  1. Also called fescue grass. any grass of the genus Festuca, some species of which are cultivated for pasture or lawns.
  2. a pointer, as a straw or slender stick, used to point out the letters in teaching children to read.
1513, "pointer," from O.Fr. festue, a kind of straw, from L. festuca "straw, stalk, rod," probably related to ferula (see ferule). Sense of "pasture, lawn grass" is first recorded 1762.


"If I say fir and fescue
and clover and lover
whither identity and qualia?"

 - Maureen M. McLane, "Mz N Enough", Spring 2016 The American Scholar (

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