Monday, January 09, 2017

Word of the day: curvet

The word of the day is curvet:


  1. Dressage. a leap of a horse from a rearing position, in which it springs up with the hind legs outstretched as the forelegs descend.

verb (used without object), cur·vet·tedor cur·vet·ed, cur·vet·ting or cur·vet·ing.

  1. to leap in a curvet, as a horse; cause one's horse to do this.
  2. to leap and frisk.

"Instead, they rampage into dance, climbing onto the hoods and the roofs of their vehicles, making holiday in the heat, and chanting, 'Another Day of Sun.'  The camera swings and curvets in accord, then rises to survey the scene: half a mile of merriment where none should be."

 - Anthony Lane, "Dancing with the Stars:  'La La Land'", 12 December 2016 The New Yorker (

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