Monday, December 08, 2014

word of the day: percipient

The word of the day is percipient:
1. perceiving or capable of perceiving.
2. having perception; discerning; discriminating
< Latin percipient- (stem of percipiēns) present participle of percipere to take in, equivalent to per- per- + -cipi- combining form of present stem of capere to take + -ent- -ent
"The baby dragon awoke from a tantalizing dream smacking his lips with pleasure and mischief, his eyes blinking with wily percipience: a sorceress had been teaching him a curiously delicious language that paralyzed his nanny and shattered his sapphires and awakened in the panther an obsession for protecting the dragon's treasure, allowing them to scuttle freely about the Schloss and spy on the human's capers."
 - Karen Elizabeth Gordon, Torn Wings and Faux Pas

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