Wednesday, December 03, 2014

word of the day: morganatic

The word of the day is morganatic:

of or pertaining to a form of marriage in which a person of high rank, as a member of the nobility, marries someone of lower station with the stipulation that neither the low-ranking spouse nor their children, if any, will have any claim to the titles or entailed property of the high-ranking partner.
< Neo-Latin morganāticus (adj.), for Medieval Latin phrase ( mātrimōnium) ad morganāticam (marriage) to the extent of morning-gift ( morganātica representing Germanic *morgangeba (feminine); compare Old English morgengiefu gift from husband to wife on day after wedding) (
"Altogether there were seventeen impersonators of Incognito VIII during the so-called Cashmere Crisis that muffled the morganatic monarch and discredited his regime."
 - Karen Elizabeth Gordon, Torn Wings and Faux Pas

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