Monday, September 17, 2012

word of the day: emprise

The word of the day is emprise:

Etymology:  < Old French emprise, emprinse, Common Romanic = Provençal empreza, Spanish empresa, Italian impresa < late Latin *imprensa, < participial stem of *imprendĕre (in Old French emprendre) to take in hand, < in- in + prehendĕre to take.
1.a. An undertaking, enterprise; esp. one of an adventurous or chivalrous nature. 
b. A purpose, intent. Obs. 
2.a. abstr. Chivalric enterprise, martial prowess. 
b. Difficulty, greatness of undertaking. Obs. 
c. Pre-occupation, absorption of thought. Obs. 
3.a. Renown, glory, distinction. Obs. 
b. Value, estimation. Obs.  [? Influenced by price n.] 
4. ? Spoil, prey. Obs. (OED)

"So when Galton designed an equally elegant experiment to hunt for gemmules in rabbits, Darwin heartily encouraged the emprise."

 - Sam Kean, The Violinist's Thumb and Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by our Genetic Code

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