Monday, February 06, 2012

weekend update

Friday night we saw "Hugo", being the sole film this year to be nominated for both Best Picture and Best Visual Effects, and met Baltimore's best bartender (according to the readers of City Paper).

Saturday we continued our tour of Baltimore's high-end coffee scene by visiting Zeke's.

Saturday night Morgan went to the Magic tournament with Tom, and I went to the symphony, and heard
J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1
Rameau - Orchestral Suite from Naïs
Haydn - Trumpet Concerto
Mozart - Symphony No. 39

Sunday we continued our climate change journal club with a paper correlating SNPs in Arabidopsis thaliana with viability and fecundity grown in four different sites around Europe, and I wasn't really sure how the data they showed justified the conclusions they drew.

Sunday night we saw "Fifty Words" at Everyman.

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