Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Today I'm thankful for: hand-me-downs

Today (and every day) I'm thankful for how generous everyone has been with hand-me-downs.

Infants go through a lot of clothing, as it turns out.  I don't want to be gross, but they're still learning how their bodies work, so various bodily fluids leak through assorted orifices.  Alice and Katherine are starting to eat baby food, which ends up smeared all over them, despite everyone's best efforts.  Twins need twice as much of everything: onesies, pants, pajamas, bibs, and more.  But despite the sheer volume of clothing these kids go through, we have not had to buy anything ourselves.  (Not that we haven't bought anything: some baby clothes are too adorable to pass up, even if we don't absolutely need them.)  That is because everyone had been extremely generous with their hand-me-downs.  We are not that conscientious about doing laundry frequently, but because of everyone's generosity, Alice and Katherine have never wanted for clean, adorable clothing.

And not just clothing: we have hand-me-down bouncy chairs, baby carriers, bath tubs, and feeding chairs, all of which have proven to be extremely useful.  Having two newborns is hard enough without having to run out and buy stuff for them, and I've never had to because of everyone's generosity, and I am thankful.

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