Thursday, July 26, 2012

word of the day: nomogram

The word of the day is nomogram:

Etymology:  < nomo- comb. form + -gram comb. form, after French nomogramme (1905). Compare nomograph n. 
A diagram representing a relationship between three or more variables by means of a number of straight or curved scales, so arranged that the value of one variable corresponding to given values of the others can be found by a simple geometrical construction (e.g. by means of one or more straight lines drawn to intersect the scales at the appropriate values). Also called alignment chart. (OED)

"McClure has solved Eq. (12) numerically, and the results are presented in Fig. 3 as nomograms showing the time required to reach 99% of Qss for different values of k2 and k3."

 - "Techniques in Coupled Enzyme Assays", Rudolph et al., Methods in Enzymology 63:22 (1979)

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